Our Wellness Journey began July of 2018 when our cutting horse, Rey Rey, began showing signs of SI pain. This sparked many late nights of researching possible therapy options. A few days after he started showing signs (short stepping in hindquarters, swollen over lower back, extremely sore to the touch over psoas muscle, reluctant to lay down and stopped hard) a friend had posted a memory on Snapchat of when a client had brought her PEMF machine to treat her employers horse, who happened to be an equine veterinarian.
    A month of rehabilitation exercises, stretching, liniments, and chiropractor went by with minimal improvements. So in desperation we gave PEMF a chance, a chance that we will forever be grateful! After consulting with our vet, we felt he needed immediate relief due to the severity and decided to inject the SI joint as well as follow up with numerous PEMF sessions. Twenty four hours after the initial pulse he was bucking and able to move freely without pain! Since then we have continued chiropractic care and PEMF as a maintenance and the issue has yet to return!
     Upon experiencing the success of PEMF first hand I began a deeper study on the science behind this therapy. We quickly understood how tremendously this therapy could benefit not only horses, but humans, livestock, and pets. We researched all the various machines available and one stood out above the rest in terms of quality and reputable stature, Pulse Equine. Pulse Equine is a branch of Pulse Centers which is a professionally established entity that offers support, training, thorough research and first class equipment.
     It only seemed logical to utilize our prior animal husbandry work experience and our passions of caring for animals and humans by becoming a member of such a team. This decision has now enabled us to not only help animals recover and perform, but to impact the lives of our fellow man by helping them begin and maintain their wellness journey!       

Whitney Hicks

      Being raised on a farm in a tiny town just outside Abilene, TX, agriculture has always been a part of my life. From an early age and throughout my substantial amount of involvement in 4H and FFA, “doctoring” or caring for animals, both large and small, came naturally. 

     I graduated from Hardin Simmons University with a Bachelors degree in Elementary Education. While there, I was a rider of the world famous “Six White Horses” drill team. I proudly carried the American flag across the state of Texas for three years. After my college years I took flight and lived abroad for two years sight seeing and working on a vineyard in France and South Africa.

     Upon my return to the states I have ventured into the business of windmills, horse health management, transmission lines, riding colts on a ranch to insurance adjusting. Through out my travels and ventures my passion stayed with providing care to animals.

     Now, not only am I started on my personal wellness journey but able to help humans and all creatures to heal and stay healthy as well as improve their performance by utilizing the vast benefits of PEMF. What a blessing this therapy has been to me and my animals!

Kobyn Williams

     As a professional saddle bronc rider, I know what it means to be in tip-top shape. I started riding broncs in 2002 as a freshman in high school and progressed to the collegiate and  professional level in 2007.

     Although originally from Louisiana, I have lived in Texas for the majority of my life. Following graduation from Elysian Fields High School,  I further expanded my education at Northeast Texas Community College in Mt. Pleasant, TX. While there I earned an Associate of Science in Agriculture. I then continued on to McNeese State University for my Bachelors in Ag Business and my Masters in Chemical and Environmental Science.                                                         

     Throughout my professional career, rodeo has taken me all over United States, Canada, and Mexico. Competing in over ninety rodeos a year, I unfortunately know what it is like to perform sore. However, I have found PEMF to be the best therapy to help my  body’s natural ability heal itself. It allows me to ride at optimal level by reducing my healing time and preventing further injuries. PEMF made me a believer!